Our Story

We are a creative branding, communication and marketing agency based in Ahmedabad that creates brands and takes them ahead through result-driven brand strategies and customized communication campaigns, thereby helping brands effectively communicate with customers, stand out and stay relevant with changing times.

Our foray into creative world commenced with movies and documentaries. Our penchant for innovation and creativity combined with our professional experience in technology and marketing brought us here.

We are master story tellers constantly honing our craft. We channelize communication through various mediums to get the requisite brand message across and pride ourselves in producing pixel perfect projects. We’ve seen firsthand how the power of a brand can elevate a company from a commodity to a valued partner; how it can rescue a business from the trenches of an impossible-to-win price war and how it can motivate employees and customers alike to become full-fledged fans. We are a bunch of super creative, highly motivated and focused executioners.

Together we form the right talent pool needed to provide you with creative and cost effective communication solutions that help you grow faster than your communication.

Our Identity

Right from the start, we wanted our identity to be simple and yet convey a deeper meaning. This thought resulted in our logo being a multilayer minimalistic imagery. On the first look, the image looks like a box with a tiny box within it. But on second look, one can observe the letter “P” being formed through negative white space inside the box. The tiny orange square is the key driver of the logo as it goes out to showcase the real meaning of the logo – i.e breaking out of the box. Thinking out of the box has been our basic philosophy and the logo has been able to capture in a very apt manner.

The colors used are Red and Orange with Red colour denoting our passion towards our work, Orange colour complements it by representing the creativity and expressions we stimulate in our work.

The logo, with all the elements, together represents our true spirit of being different, thinking out of the box and telling the real stories of the brand in the most creative manner.

What sets us apart

We genuinely believe in letting the brand talk for itself and establish the right connection with its audience. Through our out of box approach, we provide the most unconventional yet appealing branding solutions to our clients.

Sound Listening
No one can understand your business better than you and so we love to listen about your business from you allowing us to experience your passion for it and thereby crafting the right branding strategy.
Story Telling
Each brand, each business has its own story to tell and we firmly believe in expressing this story in the best possible manner through different mediums using our brand strategies.
Market Study
Your business is always the subset of the sector you are working in and hence it is imperative for us to understand the market scenario first giving us an advantage in your brand positioning.
Data Analytics
We believe in using data to drive the designing of our strategies as it serves as the most pivotal input providing us the right understanding of the market and the positioning of the brand.


Pixelergy - Logo Designing in Ahmedabad - CXO Partners
Shinto Thomas
CXO Partners

Meet brings tremendous value to our company. His expertise and in-depth marketing recommendations has helped us reshaping our collaterals for the betterment of the organization. Meet is a pleasure to work with, and is a dynamic and engaging strategic partner to us.

Pixelergy - Logo Designing in Ahmedabad - Soul Positiff
Thomas Joy
Soul Positiff

Team Pixelergy has demonstrated deep technical knowledge, research capacity and a clear understanding of our clients.

Pixelergy - Branding Agency in Ahmedabad
Pratik Potdar
One Communications

Pixelergy came up with brilliant concepts for our “Save the Date” as well as “Wedding Video” which will help us cherish and relive our special day. Meet and his team have a knack for capturing moments, feelings and expressions and beautifully weaving them into a priceless ornament.

Pixelergy - Logo Designing in Ahmedabad - Unolona Academy
Harsimran Juneja
Uno Lona Academy

Pixelergy was one such associate we made that really put in the effort to understand us for who we are and worked accordingly. We as clients – and I personally would agree – can get extremely demanding at times and they haven’t failed to impress at any occasion. I am happy to have found such an adaptive team that is open to ideas and above all, good at what they do.

Pixelergy - Branding Agency in Ahmedabad
Looking for the right branding partner for your business? Get in touch with us and we will love to work with you.

Bunch of super creative, highly motivated and focused individuals who enjoy crafting innovative and sustainable branding and communication campaigns, our Pixelergists form the right blend of talent pool needed to provide you the solutions you are looking for.

Managing Director

The sanest of the clan and the IT guy. The operations specialist and the captain who runs the show. Voracious reader and a Robert Ludlum fan.

+91 97272 39268
Creative Director

Brand analyst and communication specialist. A storyteller who loves to write and make films. Loves standup comedy and has a dark sense of humor.

+91 99136 16188
Business Development Manager

Business process and marketing consultant. A photographer, traveler, gadget geek and a foodie – can definitely not survive without the above four.

+91 77159 10009
Senior Creative Designer

Expert graphic designer and a master wizard of all software. A man on a mission to make the world more beautiful one design at a time and loving father of two.

+91 99789 77884
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