Best Content Marketing Websites in India

Content Marketing Websites in India

The field of marketing is changing. Companies now prefer digital marketing. Content marketing websites have become part of our lives. These content driven websites cover gamut of topics from politics, technology, travel, lifestyle, sports etc. Content marketing websites don’t only keep the readers updated and informed but also entertain them. Content marketing websites in India have started to gather great fan following. Every website has a unique style which is something they thrive on.

It would be interesting to scrutinize such content marketing websites and also understand how they operate and what works for them.

List of Some Famous Content Driven Websites in India –

1. ScoopWhoop –

ScoopWhoop - Content Marketing Websites in India
Log of ScoopWhoop

ScoopWhoop started its journey as an Indian counterpart of Buzzfeed. The team had five members in 2013. They have categorized their content as entertainment and news. The content is in lucid language and also intends to attract Indian audiences.

What works for them – They write relatable and also trendy blogs. The thumbnails of blogs are more of clickbaits which make the audiences open the links. Most of the time, blogs are funny and some of them have a casual take on the ongoing events. It cannot be considered as a credible source of information but it definitely is anything but boring.

ScoopWhoop also has a separate team for videos and some web series. The videos depict Indian things and aspects of society in a funny way.

ScoopWhoop is one of the most famous content marketing websites in India which has over 40 Lakhs followers.

2. Being Indian –

Being Indian - Content Marketing Websites in India
Logo of Being Indian

This Facebook page comes under the parent company called Culture Machine. Sahil Khattar had founded Being Indian as a content marketing website of the parent company culture machine. They have categorized their content as entertainment, news, lifestyle, my opinion, videos and sports.

What works for them – Whatever Being Indian writes is intrinsic to Indian context which generates organic traffic in India. The is exactly what makes them special and also feature in this list of content driven websites in India. They mostly write clickbait articles with sporadic indulgence of write-ups on topics that need to be discussed for better India. Being Indian also makes some hilarious memes that attracts young Indian audiences.

They have separate team for videos. Videos are generally based on the surveys in Mumbai and celebrity PR.

They have over 75 Lakhs followers.

3. Buzzfeed India –

BuzzFeed India - Content Marketing Websites in India
Logo of BuzzFeed India

Buzzfeed India is the Indian counterpart of the content giant Buzzfeed. The foundation of Buzzfeed India was in 2014. They have categorized their content as News, videos, Quizzes and Tasty (which has blogs related to food). They also have a plugin tagged as ‘more’ which has varied range of categories and content.

What works for them – They write trendy articles. They have identified their target audience. Most of the blogs are from entertainment industry or intended for celebrity PR. They also publish Bollywood trivia. What makes Buzzfeed India one of the best content marketing websites in India is how they approach reader engagement. Moreover, they spasmodically come up with entertaining, fun, and crazy quizzes.

They create videos internally. Most of the videos are on the entertainment side. Some of them also create awareness about current affairs.

The social media handle of Buzzfeed India has over 25 Lakhs followers.

4. Firstpost –

FirstPost - Content Marketing Websites in India
Logo of First Post

Reliance had started Firstpost in 2012. They mainly concentrate on news. Their content has categories in Politics, Sports, India, World, Business and F.Cricket (which has cricket related articles). The page also has categories in tech, photos, videos, shows and Firstculture (which has articles regarding Indian culture and society).

What works for them – Instead of clickbait blogs, Firstpost has blogs that are well written, informative and insightful. The social media page is more about serious journalism and is a credible source for News.

They occasionally come up with videos that are meaningful and intend to change the society. The videos are mostly about News, interviews and serious issues that are relevant in the contemporary context and common people.

Firstpost is also one of the most famous content marketing websites in India with over 24 Lakh followers on Facebook.

5. Storypick –

Storypick - Content Marketing Websites in India
Logo of Storypick

Tonmoy Goswami and Sangeeta Saarma had founded Storypick in 2013. They mainly showcase stories that are worth telling. The categories are entertainment, food for thought and videos. They generate traffic by writing content that is intrinsic to India.

What works for them – Their blogs are mostly related to Indian society and are well-written. They are mix of informative, entertaining and clickbaits. It is not a credible source of information but thrives on entertainment.

The videos are mainly elements of reader engagement campaign. They are inclined towards creating live polls and some of them are also on trending events.

Storypick has over 15 Lakhs followers on Facebook.

6. Yourstory –

Your Story - Content Marketing Websites in India
Logo of Your Story

Shraddha Sharma had founded Yourstory in 2008 which mostly focuses on entrepreneurial stories. The website has categories namely Social story, her story (stories of women leaders) and startup story.

What works for them – Yourstory knows its strength and their blogs are mainly inclined towards business. Moreover, they don’t intent to digress from their core competency in business and startups. The blogs are well-written and insightful. Their blogs also help people find solutions to the problems in their business.

Their videos are mainly interviews of entrepreneurs and big names in business world. Additionally, they also create videos to educate readers (like 10 lessons to learn from some entrepreneur) and also report new happenings in business world.

Yourstory also has over 16 Lakhs followers on Facebook which is a great figure in the niche.

7. The Logical Indian –

The Logical Indian - Content Marketing Websites in India
Logo of The Logical Indian

It was founded in 2013 by Abhishek and Anurag Mazumdar. They cover range of categories in News, My story (unknown stories of people mostly from India), Awareness, Environment, My social responsibility and Get inspired. They also write blogs on world affairs. It also has an interesting category called fact checking which comes up with fact errors in blogs and articles by other content driven websites.

What works for them – The Logical Indian writes article that are factually correct and unbiased. It is more about serious journalism. The page is also a credible source of information. There are no clickbaits whatsoever and the articles are insightful and well-written.

Additionally, they create videos that are meaningful and thought provoking; and contribute to Indian society.

The page has over 59 Lakhs followers on Facebook.

8. DailySocial –

Daily Social - Content Marketing Websites in India
Logo of Daily Social

It was founded around 2014. They have categories ranging from Trending, stories, showbiz, utilities and society. They also have a separate category for tweets which contains posts from twitter that are trendy, funny or noteworthy.

What works for them – The articles are mostly clickbait and intended to attract young audience. They are not credible source of information but thrive on humor, fun and trivia.

They have started video campaign recently and their videos are mix of entertainment, trivia and informative.

DailySocial has over 12 Lakhs followers on Facebook.

9. MensXP –

MenXP - Content Marketing Websites in India
Logo of MenXP

It was founded in 2007 by Angad Bhatia. It is a lifestyle page and has categories ranging from fashion, grooming and also relationships to health and technology.

What works for them – MensXP is a male-oriented content driven website and mostly publishes blogs that are clickbaits and generate voyeurism-induced engagement. Moreover, this page targets Indian audience and writes most of the stuff on lifestyle.

They create lifestyle videos and also some videos on relationship and grooming advises.

It has over 32 Lakhs followers on Facebook and hence, it is one of the most prominent content marketing websites in India.

10. Arre –

Arre - Content Marketing Websites in India
Logo of Arre

B. Sai Kumar, Ajay Chacko and Sanjay Ray Chaudhari had started it in 2015. The website contains categories in videos, reads, audio, doodles, series, explore (which has wide range of categories), and outdoor (travel blogs).

What works for them – Arre also has visually scintillating graphics in its blogs. Articles mostly deal with Indian society with sporadic articles on world events.

They create awesome and entertaining videos and web series like A.I. Sha. They also make celebrity PR videos.

Arre also makes web series.

This is also one of the most underrated content driven websites in India which has only 16 Lakhs followers.

Special Mention (Not Among Content Writing Websites in India) –

11. Brain Pickings –

Brain Pickings - Content Marketing Websites
Logo of Brain Pickings

This page is definitely one of the best pages content driven pages on Facebook. It was founded in 2006.

What works for them – Brain Pickings isn’t for you if you want to read something fun, entertaining, incredulous or something that makes you ‘feel good’. Brain Pickings comes up with content that is credible, insightful and more importantly honest. They don’t believe in being “trendy”. They are deviant and believe in creating content that is informative and educate readers. It has around 49-50 Lakhs people following the page on Facebook.

As a soaring digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, we look up to these flamboyant players of the game. At the same time, we have acquired skills and we have our own website in What I’d Say which showcases our content writing capabilities.

If you have any further queries on content marketing or writing, feel free to contact us.

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