7 Tips on How to Execute Digital Marketing Using Quora

Digital Marketing Using Quora

SEO and content marketing is all about traffic and reach. The greater the number of visitors on your website or blog, the more traffic you gain. To increase the traffic and reach, content marketing companies are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to using social media. From creating Facebook page to tweeting using relevant hash-tags on their twitter handles, content marketing companies execute everything possible to gain traction. Quora has now plunged headlong into the slew of social media and you can now execute digital marketing using Quora for SEO and backlinks in ways more than one.

Quora was founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever as a knowledge sharing website. On Quora, you can ask questions to the experts in respective domains. The model resembled that of Yahoo answers. The significant difference it made is that Quora looked much classier and focused in its domain. In September 2010 when Quora had just started growing, it had merely 200,000 monthly visitors. Currently, Quora has as much as 200 Million monthly visitors searching and talking about a gamut range of topics. Looking at this scenario, it would be highly beneficial to executing digital marketing using Quora for SEO and backlinks.

It is important for you to decode how Quora can help for the same. Here are some key points on how you can execute digtal marketing using Quora for SEO and backlinks –

1. Build a Legitimate and Unique Quora Profile –

To start digital marketing using Quora for SEO and backlinks, you first need to build the profile of your business on the platform. However, it is important to understand your audiences on the platform. Your profile on Quora should be honest and interesting at the same time. This is to say that the information about your business should be absolutely true and legitimate. Unlike Facebook, it doesn’t work on clickbait. Audience visit Quora for genuine information and every answer you write is followed by a fragment of your profile. So, make sure that the bio of your company should be informative and portrays you as experts in your field. This will win the trust of the audiences and subsequently increase your followers on Quora.

2. Search for the Questions Relevant to Your Domain on Quora –

The execution of digital marketing using Quora for SEO and backlinks starts with searching for questions in your domain. By doing so, you can also get an idea of what kind of content people are looking for. Also, it gives an idea about the dearth of content on a particular topic. People often post questions on Quora regarding topics that Google doesn’t have answers for. By answering such questions, your content marketing company can emerge out as experts in the domain. Also, your followers would visit your website regularly for updated blogs and insights. This not only engages your audience but also builds your brand. Moreover, Quora has an algorithm that suggests questions that you can answer. This will help in knowing what kind of blogs people would want to read and what topics you should cover in your domain.

3. Keyword Research –

The first step to SEO is keyword research. Quora helps you with keyword research. The easiest way to execute a keyword search is by copying the URL of an answer and pasting it on the keyword planner. It would give you an idea of what kind of keywords was used in the relevant questions. It also gives information about similar questions relevant to those keywords. People visit Quora to ask very specific questions. Keyword research would largely help you know about those specific questions people are asking in your niche. Subsequently, you can come up with insights that are not mentioned in other answers and stand out in your domain. Digital marketing using Quora entails thorough research in industry keywords.

4. Build Links on Quora for SEO and Content Marketing –

You can use hyperlinks from your own blogs in an answer in Quora. Moreover, you can add the URLs of some of your answers in a bio. The interested visitors would open those links and it would generate traffic to your website. You can also start a blog on Quora and write an article on it with hyperlinks of your parent website. This hugely helps in content marketing and SEO.

5. Content Gap Analysis –

This is another benefit of executing digital marketing using Quora. It helps in content gap analysis. For example, if you have a manufacturing business and your website doesn’t have a page for a databank, it comes under the content gap. You miss out on a lot of organic traffic due to the content gap. Content gap analysis is very necessary to stay ahead of your competitors in business. By using Quora, you can find out the content of the competitors that are ahead of you. You can use that information to fill the content in your website.  Additional information helps Google to figure out what your website is all about.

6. Crowdsourcing Content for Your Blogs –

There are lots of experts on Quora. So, if you are struggling to write a blog or you need some other perspectives too, you can refer to an expert’s answer and incorporate their content into your blog. This will not only add another perspective to your article, but your readers would be able to find all the information in one article. This will enhance your popularity as a content marketing firm.

7. Find promoters to market your content –

Quora is a highly crowded platform. There are many promoters who can market your content. There can be some ventures who are interested in your business. You can use such promoters to make your website reach out to many people and generate organic traffic.

Digital marketing has already become an imperative for all businesses. There is a rising need for smart SEO and content marketing. Digital marketing using Quora is a smart way to increase traffic and SEO. Using Quora, you can showcase your knowledge and expertise and be ahead in the competition by emerging out as a thought leader in your field.

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