7 Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 That You Should Know

7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Digital marketing trends keep on change as the field is fast and dynamic. As a digital marketing, it is important for you to stay ahead of your competition but the question is how to do it? The old methods become defunct every year and data analytics observe a massive change. In this situation, it is necessary for digital marketers to stay well-versed with the new digital marketing trends in 2019 that are going to change the digital game. New digital marketing strategies will help them to boost brand awareness and enhance sales.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 –

1. Use Content Clusters to improve SEO –

There are some recent changes in the search engines. Stuffing keywords will not help your page to rank higher. Instead, your SEO will depend on the clusters of content around particular topics relevant to your niche. You need to interlink your blogs to other relevant blogs to help search engine know about the magnitude of content on your website and how relevant it is to your niche.

Distribution of Content

There are two types of content –

  • Pillar Content –

The pillars in your website are the pages that outline a particular topic or main keyword. For example, “Digital Marketing” is a pillar content. The cluster content comes under it.

  • Cluster Content –

If you have a blog that provides information about “Digital Marketing Trends in 2019”; it comes under pillar content.

  • Hyperlinks –

Hyperlinks connect the pillar pages to cluster pages and vice versa. This is necessary for internal link building which is a major factor in SEO.

In digital marketing trends of 2019, hyperlinking can be a game-changer. You need to update your old content with new internal linking and create new content with some more hyperlinks.

The cluster pages and pillar pages collectively depict your expertise in that particular niche. Google and other search engines identify such websites quickly and subsequently, take them ahead in the rankings.

2. The Emergence of Snack Ads –

Data consumption has become a tricky business nowadays. With just 85 seconds as the attention span in humans, digital marketing trends in 2019 will take a leap forward towards video marketing and that too, short video marketing.

Furthermore, a research concludes that 89% of the audiences watch the ads that are below 10 seconds. To add to the misery, half of the audiences lose interest in less than 60 seconds.

Snack Ads will become a household term among digital marketers. These are short videos which are less than 10 seconds in length.

Audience Behavior Graph

This will be one of the challenging digital marketing trends in 2019 because it will be important for brands to pass the message in just 10 seconds.

If you are someone who uses YouTube, then you might have come across short ads or minimalistic ads. They call it Snack Ads. Such ads are highly effective.

The audience engagement in 2019 will majorly depend on the length of video and we will observe a lot of brands resorting to Snack Ads.

3. The Use of Chatbots –

Customer service has becoming a thing of yesterday and chatbots are taking over. According to a research, 85% of the customer interactions will be done by chatbots by 2020.

They are effective and efficient both and most importantly, they enable 24*7 services which is not possible with humans. This will boost customer satisfaction. This is one of the digital marketing trends in 2019 which will make operations easier.

Furthermore, as 70% of the customers have had a positive experience with chatbots along with 9% who have had an average experience, it is more likely that companies will incorporate chatbots.

Facebook messenger will play a vital role and influence digital marketing trends in 2019. It has got a Click through Rate (CTR) of 80% which makes it an important tool.

It will be easier for brands to reach to audience through Facebook messenger than any other platform. So, if a brand wants to advertise a product or sell them at a discount, messenger will be use the spread the link to the product.

4. The Dominance of Blockchain –

Blockchain has now become an integral part for every industry and it has influenced digital marketing trends too.

Content marketing professionals will be using blockchain as bait to consumers so that they sit through the advertisement and also leave their feedback and comments. This will enhance the engagement.

It’s more like Basic Attention Token (BAT).

5. Social Media Influencers –

The influence of social media influencers is increasing day by day. They have humongous amount of followers. This is not new in digital marketing trends but the number of social media influencers and their influence on digital marketing will increase in 2019.

On the flipside, the customers have become well aware of social media influencer strategies. So, in 2019, they will be less receptive to an influencer directly advertising the product.

The brands would be making subtle attempts to market their product via social media influencers. Long-term relationships with influencers will be beneficial for both the parties.

6. The Need for Transparency –

More often than not, marketing professionals are perceived as deceitful and selfish. This also holds true for digital marketing.

It is becoming more and more difficult to impress consumers and now the brands need to be ethical in their marketing campaigns.

Transparency is one of the vital digital marketing trends in 2019. The reviews of the products will need to be honest or at least sound so. Moreover, brands will be admitting the faults and will have to be more receptive to feedback by consumers. Building trust will be the key in 2019.

7. The Growth of Mobile Marketing –

Mobile marketing has been growing since last decades and so will be the case in 2019. Let us take a look at some data about mobile marketing and how digital marketing trends are affected by it.

  • 2 billion People worldwide use mobile these days and the figure can be more.
  • The audiences spend 2.8 hours on mobile daily.
  • Only 2.4 hours are spent on desktop.
  • In 2019, 79% of the advertising money will be spent on mobile advertising.
  • 80% of the time spent on social media is on mobile.
  • 88% of local business search on mobile gets converted within 24 hours.
  • 89% of the time spent on mobile is spent on applications.

The figure 1.2 billion says a lot about the need for the shift in digital marketing trends. This will also entail business to create mobile-friendly websites to stay ahead of the curve in terms of SEO.

Digital marketing trends in 2019 are moving towards mobile marketing and other most important factor is ethics. It will be necessary for brands to leverage business opportunities, but at the same time, they will be bound to provide good services.

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