9 Forms of Writing You Should Know

Forms of Writing

In contemporary world, with emergence of digital platforms, everyone has a chance to become a writer. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has provided opportunities for people to express their point of view about everything. However, it is important to ask, “Is posting on social media makes one a professional writer?” Probably not! Professional writing is quite different from every day or casual writing. There are different forms of writing based on the basis of set of skills. With increasing demand of writers in different fields, you have an opportunity to make a living out of your passion for writing. However, it is important to know your forte and which category you fall into.

9 different forms of writing –

1. Content Writing –

Content writing is one of the most diverse forms of writing. It involves aspects like digital marketing, promotions and blog writing. Content writing requires deep interest in research work. The skills a content writer should have are expertise in the language, general knowledge on varied topics, ability to dig into things, perspective and more importantly understanding of what readers want.

Content writing is generally followed with digital marketing and SEO skills that help in driving most of the traffic to websites. Anything beyond the first and second page of Google or any other search engine is nothing but graveyard. So, SEO is a very important skill for a content writer. Content writer, web content writer and SEO content writer are the jobs available in content writing field. They are more or less the same thing. The organizations like Buzzfeed, Huffpost and The Logical Indian are into content marketing and hire professional writers for the same.

2. Copywriting –

Copywriting is predominantly about having an impeccable skill for writing a copy that can lead to conversion. If you can write taglines that can spur the audiences to buy a product, copywriting is a profession for you. Copywriter is someone who can influence purchasing decisions through words and that’s why it is the most sought after forms of writing skills for many companies. Moroever, copywriting is not about using jargon but influencing and persuading customers to buy a product.

The skills a copywriter should have are knowledge of language, interest in marketing, impeccable understanding of different range of products and customer interest and a little idea about psychology. Copywriting mainly involves advertisement writing, Google AdWords, copy editing, fact checking and writing advertorial for newspapers. David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, Piyush Pandey and Gary Bencivenga are some of the best copywriters to emulate. As a matter of fact, great literary figures like Salman Rushdie and Joseph Heller were once a copywriter.

3. Technical Writing –

Technical writing is one of the most tricky forms of writing. The person behind those user manuals that concisely guides you how to use a product is a technical writer. Any copy that requires description, instructions and explanation would need a technical writer. The idea of technical writing is to simplify the complex concept that has too many technical terminologies. Subsequently, making it easier to read and understand for a layman user or customer of a product.

Technical writing includes writing include many forms of writing itself including user manuals, product catalogs and how-to guides for devices and software. The skills that a technical writer should have are expertise in language, technical knowledge in their field and ability to decipher complex technical compositions and convert them into simplified write-ups. Most of the manufacturing companies, service industries and software companies hire technical writers on full-time and freelance basis.

4. Academic Writing –

Academic writer among prevalent forms of writing and an established profession these days. It involves writing scientific ideas and research in a simple, lucid and understandable manner. Academic writing entails fact checking for creating an authentic copy. Moreover, there is little room for creativity in academic writing as the writers have to follow stringent set of rules and use academic rhetoric in their writing.

They need to compile research and at times also need to write summaries of essays, dissertations & researches, which can help clients as a basis of their own research. Apart from writing, academic writers also edit and proof read dissertations, researches and project reports. Most of the academic writing jobs are online and clients look to hire freelancers for the same.

5. News Writing or Journalism –

This is the one of those oldest forms of writing. News writers or journalists are the ones that write for newspapers or media agencies. They are the ones who come up with latest news, utilize their composition abilities and convert the news into informative and engaging stories. News writing needs good knowledge of current affairs, history and culture of the country. Moreover, a news writer should have a great command over language of communication.

There are so many forms of writing in News writing like columns, sports reports, page 3 articles etc. Most of the news writers have a degree in mass communication, though it is not necessarily so. There are lots of newspapers and media agencies who hire news writers on full-time or freelance basis.

6. Business Writing –

This is one of the most peculiar forms of professional writing that involves writing business proposals, project reports and letters of recommendation, presentations and marketing campaigns. Also, Business writers write resumes, cover letters and experience letters for the clients.

The skills that a business writer should have are an impeccable knowledge of business and understanding of the required tone of communication. Moreover, there are many companies that hire business writers on full-time basis.

7. Script Writing –

This is one of the most creative forms of writing. Script writing involves writing dramas, theatre and radio programs. Script writer has to write dialogues and settings for the characters involved. A script writer should have impeccable understanding of human psychology to write dialogues that suit the characters of the script. Also, unlike other forms of writing, script writing is done in colloquial language.

A script writer should be a good storyteller and someone who knows how to convey the core message of the story he is writing for. There are lots of script writing jobs available in the market. David Mamet is a well-known script writer and a dramatist.

8. Screenplay Writing –

Script writing with screenplay writing is more often than not used interchangeably. However, screenplay writing or simply screenwriting, though a form of script writing, is quite different. So, it’s important to include it separately as one of the different forms of writing. Screenplay writing involves writing scenarios for films, television shows and advertising commercials.

Screenplay involves intricate details about characters, action and dialogues of the characters, scene location, sounds, props and camera angles. In short, screenplay writing is about writing audiovisuals. Screenwriting needs skills like imagination, understanding of human psychology and dialogue writing. The most famous screenplay writers are Satyajit Ray, Federico Fellini, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Syd Field and Quentin Tarantino.

9. Novel Writing –

This is among the most classic forms of writing. This includes writing novels of different genre. Novel writers have ability to imagine and a knack of storytelling and are thorough with the language. Their writings can be simple or full of circumlocution, but they are aware of their art. Unlike other categories of writers, they have more creative liberty. They can write for masses or classes.

Novelists have an understanding of human psychology and know how to weave a story out of a given set-up and characters to convey a message and depict reality through fiction. Apart from story, they also pepper their writings with allusions and a lot of symbolisms. Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin and P.G. Wodehouse are some of the legendary novelists of their time.

Like painting or drawing, writing is also an art form. Writer paint their compositions on the paper with their own experiences and set of skills, and every writer has different forte. So, it is imperative for a writer to identify the skills and choose the right form of writing to pursue a career in the field of writing.

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