5 Essentials of Hashtag Marketing You Should Know

5 Essentials of Hashtag Marketing

With almost every platform incorporating the use of hashtags, hashtag marketing has now become an inseparable part of our social media marketing. We may often think that using hashtags is a ‘thing’ of present, but that is not true.

It was in early 1960’s when the telephones used ‘hashtag’ sing to signify numbers. Hahtag continued to be utilized in the technology, and was further incorporated into the C language in the year 1988. It further came into the limelight when it was used by the IRC (Internet Relay Chat). This was to facilitate the grouping of images, chat groups, and various other topics. This was extremely helpful in searching the relevant content. Similar model is relevant to the context of social media reach through hashtag marketing.

Fast forward to 2007, when Chris Messina used the hashtag in his tweet; asking whether the grouping of conversations was a great idea or not. Though the credit for coining the term goes to Stowe Boyd, who took the suggestion of Chris into serious consideration. The compound word ‘hashtag’ was not used till the occurrence of San Diego Fires. The twitter users found it extremely gruesome to keep a tab on the updates regarding the fires. Needless to say, people used hashtag in its compound form, i.e. #sandiegofires and now hashtag marketing has become one of the most popular ways to reach audience.

It was in 2009, that Twitter formally incorporated hashtag marketing by the usage of hashtags. Hashtag marketing entailed hyperlinking hashtags to the search results. It also introduced the ‘Trending Topics’, which was a list featuring the trending hashtags, in 2010.  In the next two to three years, Instagram and Facebook joined the bandwagon.

Hashtags unite and stream the conversations happening on a similar topic, very effectively. This makes the participation, navigation, or even the viewing for the users much easier. When it comes to content management or social media companies, hashtag marketing can directly affect the revenues.

One may think that how hashtag marketing can be of any use to brands or companies- inadvertently thinking that it may be informal to use one! There are several advantages of using hashtags, and they are as follows:

1. Monitoring of Social Media Handles –

With the help of the hashtag marketing, it is easier to track the conversations. Also, it helps to keep up with the latest trends, and even steer the conversations!

2. Performance Tracking With Hashtags –

Hashtag marketing is also a way to track performance and promotions of other brands too. This is due to the social media platforms and even the ‘hashtag tracker’ websites, which display the trending hashtags.

3. Engagement Through Hashtag Marketing –

Posts with hashtags do much better! They gain a lot of traction, and can get up to 50-100% more engagement rate. Although, it depends upon the fact that whether it is a brand or an individual using the hashtag.

4. Hashtag Marketing & Visibility –

We use hashtag marketing across all across various platforms- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Recently, LinkedIn has also initiated hashtag marketing which is very beneficial to businesses across the globe. Using hashtags enhances the visibility, and ensures the same visibility across all the platforms.

5. Branding Through Exclusive Hashtag Marketing –

When the hashtags are exclusive to the brand and are unique, they will gain a lot of momentum and grab a lot of eyeballs to the post!

With the rapidly advancing times, it is highly essential to adapt to the changes and strategize accordingly. According to several studies, hashtag marketing creates a lot of traction on the posts. It has proven to be a quite useful tool in branding, thus enhancing brand recall value.

As a social media marketing company in Ahmedabad, we, at Pixelergy, understand how brands can walk hand-in-hand with the trend and leverage hashtag marketing to stay ahead of the curve.

Owing to our experience as social media marketing company in Ahmedabad, we have gained expertise in hashtag marketing in all the social media platforms. We believe that, in current scenario, implementing and using the right social media trends and gaining traction, thereby producing business opportunities is imperative.

If you have any further queries about hashtag marketing, digital marketing or social media management, feel free to contact us.

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