6 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Optimizing Your Instagram Account for Search Engines

6 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Optimizing Your Instagram Account for Search Engines

With short attention spans in humans, digital marketing is leaning toward visual platforms. Digital marketers are looking to leverage the platform to draw in maximum conversion. Professionals who are into social media marketing needs to be well-versed with the Instagram marketing strategies that will help them to optimize their Instagram account for search engines.

Even though Instagram accounts are difficult to index and display, you can definitely implement some Instagram marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve on the visual platform.

If you have a personal Instagram profile, it is unlikely that you will want to promote it unless you are a social media influencer. However, if it is your organization’s Instagram account which is supposed to promote products and services, it is necessary that you aim to feature your Instagram account on the search engines.

However, it is difficult to gather traffic on Instagram account from search results, but it’s not impossible.

Here are some Instagram marketing strategies that you can apply so that your Instagram account features on the top page of the Google search engine –

1. Check if Your Profile is public or private –

All those efforts put on the hashtag marketing will go in vain if your profile is not public. Instagram profiles are public by default but it is always recommended to check again. Moreover, as a digital marketing person who is trying to garner as much reach as possible, it is important that your Instagram profile is public. You can go to your profile and click the hamburger menu icon and then head on the settings. Subsequently, head on to the account privacy and make sure that the icon for “private account” is off.

2. Have a Social Profile Schema for Instagram –

You can use schema.org to address your social media profiles to Google. Get a card in the knowledge graph so that your social media profiles show up there.

Refer to Google’s documentation that has the instructions for the implementation of social profile structured data. Ensure to include your Instagram account.

3. The Most Important Keyword Should be Included in the Instagram Page –

The Instagram title tags hugely depend on the keywords you insert under your profile name. However, do not stuff keywords in your Instagram account. It is one of the negative Instagram marketing strategies that you should avoid.

However, you can use the keywords in an appropriate way. For example, if you have an Instagram account of Pixelergy. You can add a keyword to introduce the audience to what Pixelergy is all about.

Pixelergy can be replaced with Pixelergy – A Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad.

You can easily update your name on Instagram by clicking the profile button and then clicking edit profile.

4. Include a Specific and Keyword-rich Bio –

You don’t have much room for words in an Instagram bio. This is to say that you need to be really smart to summarize your bio in a few words and at the same time, also include the high-value keywords that portray the products and services of your brand.

It may be possible that your organization provides more than one services. The best way to create a bio is to compress the keywords.

So, you can consider reducing “Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad” to just “Digital Marketing” so that you have a scope for including web development, web designing, branding, and other services that you provide.

You can do Keyword stuffing on Instagram even though it comes under the radar of negative Instagram marketing strategies.

It is important that you stuff all the keywords in the hashtags as they are clickable and take the audience to the relevant posts. So, instead of repetitively using “Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad” as a part of the post and making it look too pushy, you can use it under hashtags. With that, you can use a gamut of hashtags to market your brand.

If your brand has a tie-up with influencers, you can also include their username in the relevant posts.

The bio of your Instagram account is rendered as HTML and is crawlable by search engines. So, adding a good bio is one of the most important Instagram marketing strategies you need to implement.

You should also use Google keyword planner to do your hashtag research and compose your bio. It may be possible that you may get better results for “Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad” than “Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad”. Your bio should be a function of search volume on the Google keyword planner.

5. Know that Your Image Caption is Like a Title Tag –

Captions are one of the most ignored Instagram marketing strategies. Instagram captions aren’t just meta-description but they are more like title tags.

We tend to treat Instagram image captions as if they are meta-descriptions, but we should be treating them more like title tags. This is because Instagram creates a page for your post.

Do not include futile emojis. Furthermore, do not keep the captions too short like title tags.

The most important information should feature first in your caption just before the title tag cuts off.

Your caption should be rich in keywords just like your hashtags. However, as mentioned earlier, you should not overuse the keywords and make it look tacky or spammy.

6. Publish the Links to your Instagram Post –

This is the most important step among all the Instagram marketing strategies. A very few digital marketers acknowledge the importance of web app and they don’t take the links to the Instagram account seriously.

It is important that you copy the links to individual posts and paste them on other platforms. If you have a website, then you must leverage it to share the links to your Instagram posts. This is important for the search engine optimization of your Instagram posts.

If there is no scope for sharing Instagram links, you should look to introduce backlinks of Instagram posts on your website.


Instagram is not exactly an SEO platform. However, implementing the aforementioned Instagram marketing strategies will enable your posts to turn up in the search results.

At Pixelergy – social media marketing company in Ahmedabad, we know how to optimize Instagram accounts and feature it on search engines.

As a digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, we have been optimizing the Instagram accounts of our clients to increase their reach.

If you have further queries about social media optimization or have social media marketing project to discuss, feel free to contact us.

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