How To Make Money With AdSense

Make Money With AdSense

We live in an era of digital marketing, content marketing, and blogging. All those who are into digital marketing services are pretty familiar with the term Google AdSense which is a Google program that allows bloggers to make money online. However, to make money with AdSense is not an overnight task. It is a bit tricky. It works on some techniques every blogger or content marketing person needs to demystify. As a reigning digital digital services provider, we have delved into the nuances of how to make money with AdSense.

There are many factors that affect revenues from Google AdSense. Google gets most of money from AdSense. As a digital marketer, you get only a bite from the sum. However, you need to make the most of it. Here are some important facts you need to know before making a Google AdSense account in order to make money with AdSense –

1. How to be Eligible for Google AdSense –

Before applying your website for Google AdSense, you need to have the following stuff checked –

  • Sufficient and High Quality Content –

Google will not approve your blog or website for AdSense if it doesn’t have any content. The tech giant ensures that the blog would have visitors. A website without content will look defunct and useless to Google. There are chances Google will reject your application. Also, make sure that your content is plagiarism-free and original. Website with duplicate content is likely to get rejected. Content is the key to make money with AdSense.

  • Create About, Contact Us and Privacy Page For Your Blog –

One of the common mistakes bloggers do is that they don’t create these pages on their blog. This makes their website look unauthentic and there are chances that application would get rejected.

  • Decent Blog Design –

You need to design your website in way that is likely to draw visitors. For example, a design with light blue background with white fonts is likely to be rejected. Your design should be attractive and impart easy readability. Also, self-hosted WordPress is better than the free one.

2. Ways to Make Money Through Google AdSense –

You must know that there are two direct ways to make money with AdSense –

  • Impressions –

This is based on the number of views on pages or posts with ads. There are number of ways to bolster amount of money you can earn through images. You can make social media pages of your media brand (website) and get visitors through it. You can also boost your page or post to drive more traction. A famous blogger with great page ranking can make money with AdSense through impressions.

  • Clicks –

This is based on how many people click on the ads that display on the post. More the number of clicks, more you make money with AdSense.

3. What Works for AdSense –

As there are lots of factors affecting online money, there is no exact formula for a successful AdSense. However, you can consider the following –

  • Choose a Profitable Niche –

There are number of domains you can write on. However, not all of them are profitable. Also, it depends on the quality of audience and competition. So, you need to optimize your choice of niche. For example, if you are passionate about writing on Cricket, then you can choose that niche but it is not necessary that you will get profit from it, as there are lots of competitors and ads displayed on that niche may not be lucrative. On the other hand, if you choose health and wellness, you can make more money with AdSense. Elite people often read on health and wellness. Such pages have lucrative ads.

  • Search Engine Optimization –

It is important to note that whatever niche you choose, it is necessary to generate quality and informative content. Moreover, if your content is search engine optimized and has good readability with relevant keywords; your page is likely to be on the first page of Google. In order to make money with AdSense, no other method can beat the good old SEO.

  • Keep Experimenting –

Content marketing is all about discovery through experience. You can learn more techniques by experimenting within the niche.

4. What You Should Not Do in Google AdSense –

After slogging hours on exhaustive research, writing unique and engaging content and uploading on your website at the peak hours, it would be terribly disappointing if AdSense blocks your account. These are some of the things that you should not do to make money with AdSense –

  • Never Click on Your Own Ads and Don’t Ask Others To Do So –

You may feel the temptation of making some money in the initial days by clicking on your own ads and asking others to do so to make money with AdSense. However, Google’s analytics tool enables it to know about it and regular practice of such wily method would lead to a permanent ban.

  • Pay attention to your ad clicks –

If you get 2 clicks in a month and all of a sudden, you start getting 100 clicks, there is something wrong. Keep a check on your ad clicks.

  • Do not use more than 3 ad blocks –

Google allows only 3 ad blocks on a single page. Also, more than 3 ad blocks will detriment a reader’s experience.

Google AdSense cannot be the only source of income for you. Implementing aforementioned techniques makes a good Google account that can make money with AdSense but that needs patience. Maintaining quality of content and consistent posting on your website ensures decent revenues and sustainable growth of a content marketing website.

As a digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, we have gained quite a lot of experience in content marketing over the years.

We have acquirement an in-depth knowledge in the field of blogging, SEO, and content marketing. We are well-versed with the nuances of Google AdSense.

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