How to Use Pinterest Marketing for the Growth of Your Business

Pinterest Marketing for the Growth of Your Business

Pinterest is a platform on which people can share their artwork. Right from sketches to graphic design work and even abstract art, every genre of artworks is pinned on this digital marketing platform every day. Pinterest was founded in March 2010 by Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann. Nine months after the launch of the website, Pinterest had only 10,000 users. Back then, users never explored Pinterest marketing as a tool that can be used for the growth of business. Pinterest started growing in 2012 with 11.7 Million unique U.S. visitors to 48.7 Million users globally in February 2013. In April 2017, Pinterest had announced 175 Million monthly active users and the number is only going to increase in 2018. With so many users around the world and its enormous growth, the use of Pinterest marketing for the growth of your business is imperative. Here are some of the advantages of using Pinterest marketing for the growth of your business –

  • High Conversion Rate –

Pinterest marketing reduces steps from discovery to conversion. It makes it easier for users to get straight to the source. The conversion rate is faster on Pinterest than other social media sources. Pinterest is a visual search engine. People often turn to it when they search for an image. So, using Pinterest marketing for the growth your business can reap a lot of benefits.

  • Pinterest Drives Traffic –

People who check your pins are generally the ones who like your artwork. You can also share the links of your website. It is more likely that they would want to see the content of your website. Creating quality visuals on Pinterest is the first step to drive traffic to your website.

  • More Inbound Links Through Image Search –

As every pin includes a link, it is easy to lead a user back to the source of an image. Many visitors would visit your website after seeing the image of your product. Many of these visitors can convert into buyers and thus Pinterest marketing for the growth of your business can be helpful. Image search plays an instrumental role.

  • Great Brand Visibility –

Users are able to search content by category on Pinterest. This hugely helps users who are interested in your category of products to come across your brand. When a user finds your pins interesting, it leads to re-pin, and when others come across the re-pin, it can lead to more re-pins. Re-pins spread the word and increase the visibility of your brand. More so, regular re-pins would authenticate your brand and enhance brand reputation. Re-pins lead to more conversion and thus it is beneficial to use Pinterest marketing for the growth of your business.

  • Corporate Identity –

Pinterest marketing is not only about building a brand and showcasing your products. You can also use it to create a corporate identity and add a human touch to your brand. For example, if your brand is about designer bags, tee shirts, and shoes, you can post photos of your team working on the design of a particular product. Also, you can post designing tips through images.

Tips on Leveraging Pinterest Marketing for the Growth of Your Business –

  • Schedule Your Pins –

Identifying the time you can post a particular pin and subsequently scheduling it will significantly increase traffic on your website or blog. Scheduling your pins would save your time and allows you to get everything ready at once. Hence, even if you are offline, you can engage with your audience. Pinterest also has an algorithm that suggests you the time at which you can pin your post. This algorithm can identify audience behavior. It automatically publishes the pins when the users are most likely to view them. In a way, this will also ensure the regularity of your pins.

  • Upload Eye-catching Images –

Visually scintillating and beautiful pictures are likely to attract more audiences on your Pinterest handle. You can use vertical images with some text written on it. This type of image is visually rich. This will help increase the number of followers.

  • Include Relevant Keywords –

Pinterest has also become a search engine for people. Your audience search through keywords. For example, if your business is about branding and graphic designing, try to include keywords accordingly. This will drive so many visitors to your Pinterest account. These visitors are likely to be interested in your business.

  • Create or Join Group Boards –

Creating group boards and inviting relevant users to contribute to the same would help increase your presence on the digital marketing platform. In Pinterest marketing, it is necessary that you write relevant title with description. You can also join other group boards relevant to your domain. This will help you increase the number of followers. For example, if you join a group board that has 3000 members or followers, whenever you post a pin, they would be able to see it. This can attract more audiences to your Pinterest handle and so you will be able to leverage Pinterest marketing for the growth of your business even more.

  • Add Images on Your Blog Post that You Can Pin –

Whenever you write a blog post, add some images that you can pin. By doing so, you can engage the audience through a cross-platform method. Those who visit your Pinterest handle would be directed to your blog or website. Similarly, those who visit your blog may become your Pinterest follower. Gathering more and more followers on your handle will help you take utmost advantage of Pinterest marketing for the growth of your business.

  • Use Pinterest Analytics –

Executing digital marketing without analytics is inconsequential. If you have a business account on Pinterest, you have an access to Pinterest analytics. You can check how many people visit your profile on a daily or weekly basis. Also, you get to know which post is the best and accordingly, you can reinvent strategies to bring more audience to your profile.

Pinterest is one of the latest and growing platforms for digital marketing. However, not many people are using the Pinterest marketing for the growth of their business. Moreover, a larger part young audience is using Pinterest to search for artwork and trendy and customized products with unique designs. So, Pinterest marketing for the growth of your businesses has become imperative, especially if you are selling art and design products.

Already, digital marketing has become a must for all businesses; and sooner or later, Pinterest marketing would be prevalently used. Hence, it is necessary for your business to use Pinterest for digital marketing to stay ahead in the burgeoning competition.

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