Social Media Strategy in India

Social Media Strategy in India

Social media strategy is an integral part of digital marketing. An effective social media strategy in India can help companies reach a wider audience and increase sales.

With so many states, cultures and languages in India; it becomes difficult to come out with a social media strategy that can be effective for one and all. It is important for a brand to understand the potential customers and ideate a social media strategy that can be used.

Social Media Strategy in India:

These are some points organizations should keep in mind while implementing social media strategy in India –

1. Which Platform Would be Best Suited for Your Brand –

There are gamut social media platforms out there, but you need to choose the relevant one. Before setting up an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it is important to understand how it is going to help your business. Your potential customers must be on that particular social media platform.

For example, if your brand is into designer products than you may consider setting up a business account on Pinterest. Most of the artistically inclined people from India are on Pinterest. There is no point in turning to LinkedIn to sell designer products. Similarly, if you are a recruitment agency, it is beneficial to set-up a LinkedIn account. If your product is something that has a wide customer base, then Facebook and Twitter is the answer. Most of the people who have access to technology are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Choosing the right platform is the first step of your social media strategy.

2. Set-up an Account and add Content –

Once you get to know social media platform that would best suit for your brand, set-up a business account on it. However, your social media account is not about marketing. You need to add content that your customers would like to read and would educate them.

You need a website to add content. Consult a website development consultancy to craft a website with a design that suits your brand. Also, have a blog section on your website and add quality and insightful articles in it. It is necessary to have a discerning eye for the content your customers in India want to read. Writing anything else would be redundant. You can use a tool like BuzzSumo to know the content that is good in your niche. Also, use relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to reach your audiences.

3. Boost your Facebook Page in the Right Region of India –

It is important to imbue brand visibility on social media platforms in India. What is more important is to know the regions in which your brand should be visible. This solely depends on the products of your brand. If your brand sells fashionable and trendy outfits, then it would be better to boost your page in the big cities of India. Similarly, if your brand is about FMCG products, then consider boosting your page to all regions of India.

Selecting a region depends on the culture and demand of the product. Trying to sell your brand in the wrong region would be inconsequential, so it is necessary to localize your social media strategy. This would help your brand reach target customers. You can also consider using regional languages to connect with customers from different origins in India. Facebook has recently made changes in their search and display algorithms. Ensure you are well aware of these changes and their implications when planning your strategy.

4. Connect with your Customers in India –

Not only India but anywhere in the world, your brand would need to connect with the customers. However, particularly in India, you need to build relevant social media content on your page. The articles you post on your blog should appeal Indian audience. This would enhance engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares and subsequently spread the word.

Another way of building a relationship with your customers is to run a passive yet effective customer care campaign on your social media page. This can be done by regularly responding to customers’ comments on your posts. You can also run feedback campaigns for products of your brand, take suggestions from customers and make changes in a tangible way. This will instill brand reputation and more people will start following your page.

5. Social Media Stories –

This is a general social media strategy that can be used all over the world. You can use Snapchat as it also has the feature of social media stories. Now, Facebook and Instagram also have this feature. You can use this feature whenever you want to promote a brand event like a sale or discount. Stories you post would attract the utmost attention of your customers for 24 hours. This will hugely increase sales.

While posting stories, keep in mind that the content is minimalistic and needs very short attention span of customers. The idea is to convey the message in a short time; so, posting long copies would defeat the purpose.

6. Find an Indian Celebrity Who Can Promote Your Page –

Brands need celebrities and influencers to promote their products. Similarly, finding a celebrity or influencer who can promote the social page of your brand is a part of social media strategy.

As your brand wants to sell its products in India, you need an influencer from India. As per the latest trend, your brand can also consider a real-life hero for the purpose.

7. Stay away from Controversial Social Media Campaigns –

This is a key point to consider while ideating your brand’s social media strategy. It takes less than a minute to spark a controversy. For example, Dove experienced a disastrous social media campaign fail last year. Dove posted an image that apparently “missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully”. Well, that’s what Dove admitted publically as an apology. However, the public perceived the campaign as racist.

When you are advertising your brand in India, you need to consider a lot of factors. Your brand surely doesn’t want to be insensitive and inconsiderate to the customers and end up hurting their sentiments. So, while ideating social media campaign, make sure that it goes well with all cultures and religions. A small goof up can lead to a controversy that can damage the brand reputation.

Marketing through social media is not a fad. Your customers are and going to be on social media. So, it is the future of the field of marketing. In such a scenario, your brand needs to sustain a social media presence. Also, for online reputation management, it is necessary for your brand to know what works in India and how to implement it. An appropriate social media strategy would not only ensure rich dividends but also a loyal customer base.

We, at Pixelergy – a social media marketing company in Ahmedabad understand the fabric of digital marketing in India. We know the nook and corner of Indian Internet and what works the best.

If you have any queries about social media marketing in India or have an interest social media management project to discuss, feel free to contact us.

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