Some Essential Facts About WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor

Some Essential Facts About WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor

We all know that WordPress comes up with updates on a regular basis and we get excited to utilize the new features. The most interesting feature in the recent update has been the “Gutenberg Editor”.

Gutenberg is a redesign of the WordPress Editor that comes up with some special features. With WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor, the way you create content on the platform will entirely change.

It is obviously difficult to adapt to the changes and more so when you have been working on the platform with same old features for a long time. However, even WordPress has adapted to the contemporary needs to retain the market share. Gutenberg Editor is not the only update that appears in WordPress 5.0.

Here’s all you need to know about WordPress 5.0, how it is different from the former version; and what to expect from this version –

WordPress 5.0 is certainly going to be a major change than all other recent updates.

If you are a regular WordPress user, then you must be well aware of how it has changed over the years. Even the small updates have made huge differences to the operations on the platform. For example, now you can schedule design changes using the WordPress Customizer unlike before when you could not change it.

There were a lot of widget updates in WordPress 4.8. When you had to add images to the widgets, you needed to add them manually. In WordPress 5.0, there are three media widgets for images, audio files, and video files. These features reduce the complexity of operation.

You could also check the nearby WordPress events from your dashboard of the 4.8 version which is a great feature for networking.

The changes up to WordPress 4.8 were useful but didn’t bring any paradigm shift in the normal operations using the platform but that is not the case with WordPress 5.0. The 5.0 version of WordPress has taken major steps forward in terms of features.

Let’s see what exactly we are expecting in WordPress 5.0?

Gutenberg Editor is a major change in WordPress 5.0 along with some other changes that are supposed to make a massive impact on how things work on WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor.

WordPress 5.0 will also make changes in the future releases and how the platform handles it. Previously, you used to get two WordPress releases per year with a gamut of mini-updates. That will not be the case now.

WordPress will be avoiding the scheduled updates to provide better and game-changing updates from now onward. This will keep the web-development team absolved of the inconsequential deadlines and the team will rather indulge in productivity to come up with latest updates. Moreover, the deadline-bound updates lacked meaningful features. The old features were more often than not tinkered to serve the purpose of a new update. These kinds of updates didn’t add value to the platform and the users didn’t feel the difference between the previous and the new version.

However, in WordPress 5.0, we will observe some major changes.

What to expect from WordPress 5.0?

  • Intuitive Site-Building Experience –

WordPress has been leading in terms of market share. The platform wants to retain the market share and so, it will be providing a better user experience to web developers and designers.

  • Improvements in WordPress Rest API –

WordPress Rest API makes it easier to send and pull content from the website. This feature will make it easier for developers to create applications using WordPress as a framework.

  • Custom Themes –

It will be easier to build custom themes. Gutenberg will make the themes more accessible. This is because of the features provided in the blocks.

  • The Relevance of Page-Builder Plugins –

The fantastic page builder tools will make some of the plugin irrelevant. There will be some plugins that Gutenberg won’t be able to match with but in near future, those plugins will become irrelevant too.

The Gutenberg Editor –

Gutenberg Editor will change the way you edit your content in WordPress 5.0 and you will have to learn the new way to edit the content rather quickly in order to stay ahead of the curve.

If you don’t find the new editor familiar, you can use the classic editor by installing the official Classic editor plugin. However, the features offered in the Gutenberg Editor are far better than the Classic one.

We would like you to experience the new version yourself. You may want to test the beta version of Gutenberg editor by installing a simple plugin. If you don’t want to install the plugin, you can try it on Frontenberg site.

You can also use some plugins additional content blocks that will go well with the Gutenberg editor.

The Effect of Gutenberg on Themes and Plugins –

With the indulgence of the Gutenberg Editor, you will need the plugins and themes that will be the perfect fit to use with the editor. There will be a lot of themes that go well with the Gutenberg Editor and will help you take advantage of all the new features of the Gutenberg Editor.

There were some good themes like Atomic Blocks and Twenty Nineteen that are the best for the Gutenberg Editor. The famous themes like Neve and Hestia will be compatible with the Gutenberg Editor too.

Furthermore, there will be changes in the plugins too. All the plugins will need to acquire Gutenberg compatibility or they will lose a large part of user-base. You can also expect some plugins that go well with Gutenberg Editor only.

WordPress 5.0 Will Bring a Tectonic Shift –

With each major release, WordPress changes the way we use the platform and with the Gutenberg Editor, the users will need more efforts to adapt to the change.

If you are resistant to change, you will prefer to use the Classic WordPress editor. However, if you like the new editor, you will have to choose new themes and plugins that will go well with the Gutenberg Editor.

At Pixelergy – a web development company in Ahmedabad, we adapt to changes and believe in delivering what’s latest in the technology world.

In our experience as a web development company in Ahmedabad, we have seen a lot of changes in WordPress and how the preferences of clients in terms of plugins and themes vary with the new updates. With this new update in WordPress, we dig into the rabbit hole ourselves and suggest themes and plugins that suit well with the new updates.

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